Using Behavior Charts To Help Your Children And Yourself

An excellent tool to assist you and your children with certain types of behavior are behavior charts. Charts for doing homework, performing daily chores and other activities can be very helpful in monitoring these behaviors and successfully reaching objectives.

This type of keeping track is a great way to modify and shape the behavior of kids, as they enjoy reaching their daily goals, and checking off that they accomplished their goals for that day. Rewards such as stickers and treats can be used to accentuate the accomplishments.

For parents who are experiencing child behaviorial problems with their children can use charts to give direction to the type of discipline which you wish your children to achieve. For classroom situations at school, teachers have been using behavior charts for years for students as an excellent way to maintain order in the classroom.

The same technique can be used at home, with the same successful results. Of course parental support and acknowledgement goes right along with the checking off today’s good behavior on the chart.

Charts for homework is a good idea, especially in our digital age where parents can now log in to the day’s homework assignment on a special website provided by the school, and see what the homework assignment is for today. Having a chart to check off when the assignment is completed is a tremendous help in assisting the student in completing the assignment.

Many students are merely disorganized, simply because they have not yet learned how to get organized. This can become more of a problem as they progress into the higher grades. A progress chart for homework can help the parent identify what the homework for the day actually is, because many students will forget the assignment because they forgot to write it down, or just weren’t paying attention. The chart coupled with an online connection to the school for the parent can head this problem off early in the child’s academic career.

Using behavior charts to help your children complete their assigned chores at home is a great way for them to actually see the progress of their efforts and that someone is actually interested in their progress. If they are just told to do a chore, and that is the end of it, there is not as much of a feeling of accomplishment, as when it actually appears on a chart as having been completed.

Somehow, seeing the completed task with a check mark for today’s completion has more impact that merely a verbal acknowledgement. As the days and months pass, the child begins to see his or her place in the workings and responsibilities of the family, and greater pride is instilled in the process of playing his or her role.

Behavior charts can really motivate children in a number of ways, and there are quite a few apps that feature behavior charts that can be downloaded. Then they can be used on the child’s mobile device, laptop, or iPad, or as the proverbial paper chart on the wall, whichever is appropriate.