Self Storage & Removals In Melbourne & Perth – Which Companies Provide You With The Best Options?

If you are finding that the space in your home is not enough to store all your belongings, it’s time to find self-storage companies. If you live in Melbourne, or Perth, you’d be glad to know that in the part of the world, there are many companies that offer storage space for rent. More often than not, the rent is offered on a monthly basis and in case you were wondering about the price, they’re not terribly expensive at all. In this article, we’re going to share with you a list of the top storage space providers Melbourne and how much they charge for their storage spaces.

perth skylineIn Perth it is a long distance form the other Australian capital cities, so moving charges are quite steep. To get a firm quote and find the best price for removalists perth options – make sure you look at the company website and be sure you know all the costs and charges in advance, especially as the trip will be long and a Melbourne to Brisbane or Perth To Melbourne trip may be required. Also other cities can be incorporated into the move – ie melbourne, via sydney and brisbane. More info here.

Please note that for interstate removals the cost will be much higher, as you have to take into account petrol charges and the long distances associated with the move.

* Uncle Bob’s Storage

Uncle Bob’s has storage locations in two locations in Melbourne. One is in the city while the other is in the suburbs. You have a choice of different storage units, including 5×5, 5×10,5×15, 10×10,10×15,10×20,10×30 and 20×20.

The prices differ between the two locations. The one in the city charges $42 per month for a 5×5 while the one further out charges $59 per month for a 5×5. We don’t know what’s causing the difference in the price but we bet it has a lot to do with the location.

* KC Mini Storage

You can find KC Mini Storage close by. Unlike Uncle Bob’s it only has options for 5×10 at $53 per month, and 8×9 at $52 per month.

* Expert Removals Brisbane & Melbourne

Acorn Mini Storage is a good option for removals and has the same storage options as Uncle Bob’s. The price starts at $42 per month for a 5×5, although you get the third month free if you pay for the first two months.

In choosing a storage size to rent, there really is only one thing you need to consider: the contents. If you’re storing boxes and cabinets, a 5×5 would be a good choice. If you want to store your couch and bed along with your fridge and a few boxes, 5×10 would be good. If you’re storing your car, go for the biggest size.

Remember also that there are many other storage options to choose from – including, mobile, container and regular lock up facilities.

If you want to know what contents typically fit in different boxes, check out and click on the “What Size Do I Need link?”. It will surely help provide you with some more ideas on where to put your stuff.

When it comes to choosing a removalists company, the price should not be the only thing you consider. You should also consider how secure the area is. Does it have security guards and cameras? Also, consider your needs.

boxes for storageWhile I have never had any use for storage, my photographer needed a place where he could store his old works and some equipment he was not using anymore and was planning on selling. He found storage that was a few miles inland. He did not want to store his stuff near the harbor as he was afraid it would be ruined by salt and moisture. I did not quite get it though as storage spaces are always sealed. But then again there might be basis for what my husband is afraid of.